Congratulations on your child's acceptance to Lane Tech and welcome to our community. Friends of Lane is here to provide information and make the transition easier for you and your child. Click the link below to join Friends of Lane and receive weekly updates, monthly newsletters and stay informed about events at Lane. 


Friends of Lane will be hosting Zoom Parent to Parent Video chats over the next month to answer questions and help you connect to other parents. Notice about these chats will be posted on our website and social media, communicated via email as well as distributed by Tara Johnson. We look forward to connecting with you and being your community for the next four years. 


Friends of Lane maintains a dedicated Facebook page as another way to keep our community informed.  Additionally, you can join the Facebook Parent Page for your child's class to meet and connect with other parents. Click the links below to visit and join the respective pages. 

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New Parent Question & Answer Form

New Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lane offer a block schedule?

Lane does not offer block scheduling. Block scheduling will reduce the number of electives that are offered in HALF. Kids come to Lane to get access to the electives and complete set of AP classes.

How many classes can a freshman take?

They take 7 classes. PE/Health, Math, World Language, AP Human Geography, English, Biology , and then one elective. The elective is usually an art/performing arts class or computer science class.

Will there be scholarships for any fees?

If you are unable to pay the Standard Fee, you can apply for a waiver of instructional fees when completing the Family Income Information Form.

Will they need gym uniforms on first day of classes?

Yes they will and we suggest buying multiple sets of t-shirts and shorts if you can. Gym uniforms are purchased at Quick Start.

Is there still swimming for freshman?


Are freshman allow to go out for lunch?

Yes, normally at the beginning of second semester and the administration will let the kids know when this will take place

Is the school getting sanitized?


Is there also a PTA or PTSA at Lane?

Friends of Lane is the entity replacing PTA/PTSA which allows us to act independently of the school. This also allows us to fund raise and apply our funds as needed to assist the school.

When do kids usually find out their schedules?

Final schedules with times and classes are given at Quick Start.

What is Quick Start?

Quick Start is student registration days at Lane to get schedule and books.

Where can we pick up Lane yard signs?

Borelli's 2124 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625 Starting April 20 from 5:00 to 7:30 PM Please call ahead @ 773-275-1700, pull up and we will bring it out

Can I get a copy of the Zoom presentation?

It is available HERE

Does Lane use any type of Chrome Books or iPads during school?

Any devices needed for classed are provided during class time, students will not need to provide their own.

Does Lane have any dance curriculum or does it offer any kind of class or dance activity?

There is no official curriculum but there are many clubs and activities that caters to this.

Is their a counselor that can guide them throughout their H.S. years assigned to them?

Yes, your child will have the same counselor all 4 years

What time does the typical school day start and end?

School starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:15 PM

Does every student have a locker? Are they shared or single use?

Yes and they are single use

Does Lane provide Drivers Ed?

Yes and they are taken during sophomore year based on birth date. Lane has its' own driver ed facility

Is there a reduced bus fare for Lane students?

Yes, it is 75 cents per ride and tired to the student ID through a Ventra account

What is the website for lanetech freshman page?


Do you go with your child for Quick Start?

No, you will need to drop them off.

Is lunch free?

Yes, currently breakfast and lunch are free to Lane students

Are there summer homework assignments?

Yes, there normally is sumemr homework. Check the Lane Tech freshmen page for all updates HERE

What is the cell phone policy for students?

Cell Phone Policy Use of cell phones in the building during school hours is strictly prohibited to texting or screen viewing during non-classroom times. Students may use their cell phones for instructional purposes in the classroom at the discretion of the classroom teacher. This does not include charging phones during class time. Students must wear their ID while using a cell phone. Students are not allowed to use cell phones on their way to the washroom during a class period. No students may talk on their phones in the building until after 8th period. Phones must be kept on silent. Students in violation of the cell phone policy will be disciplined. The first violation will result in confiscation of the cell phone. Student can pick up phone during their lunch period or after school in Room 118. A second violation of the cell phone policy will result in an out-of-school suspension. Cell phone usage in the building and all privileges related to cell phone use are only available to students whose cell phone numbers are on file with the discipline office and administration. THE CELL PHONE POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME IF THE ADMINISTRATION DEEMS IT IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE SCHOOL.

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