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                              LT ThinkLab

Lane Tech High School is Chicago’s largest public school offering one of the most comprehensive STEM programs in the country. We are looking to take the next step in the evolution of our program to create a new state-of-the-art STEAM learning hub called the ThinkLab. Imagine an idea space located directly across from our Maker's Lab, focused on hands-on learning and collaboration.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Engineering,Robotics, and Computer Science classes

  • An Idea Incubator (entrepreneurship class)     

  • Project-based learning lab

  • STEAM collaboration space

Our success as a STEAM school:

  • Internationally recognized robotics team

  • Participate in Chicago’s Array of Things AoT project

  • Collaboration with the Chicago Cubs in a data collection project

  • Partnerships with Google and Apple

  • Robotics set design assistance with the Goodman Theater

Project Scope - Budget:  $450,000

Amount Raised to Date - $275.000


  • Retrofitting old utilities

  • Electrical

  • Drywall

  • Paint and finish.

Purchase and install:  

  • Projectors

  • Video monitors and smart devices

  • Mobile desks

  • Chairs and tables for collaborative learning.

Be a part of inspiring the next generation


100% of your donations to go to funding the new Lane Tech Think Lab.  

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This is a classroom space to promote the opportunity and structure for students to produce ideas that can be conceptualized for possible projects/products. The flow of the space has room for whole group discussion and direct instruction, pod areas for small group work and production, and an interactive thought captivity space--where students can write on a see through board that is used for brainstorming, product delineation, idea development etc. that can then be captured in software.

The classroom space allows for an Artificial Intelligence class, an Incubator (entrepreneurial class) as well as a lab for project-based learning.  We see this as an example of 21st century learning for students and for our teachers to be able to use technology in a way that can enhance the creative thought process.

Our Think Lab serves a wide variety of students who are interested in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics and Entrepreneurship.

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